Terms & Conditions

This terms and conditions agreement applies only to the onlinebatterystore. Any purchases on our website must fall under the below specified conditions.


By placing an order on our website, there comes a bipartite contract involving two parties, the buyer and the seller. There begins a contract between both the parties. It is assumed that the buyer goes through all the specifications mentioned about the product on our website before he places an order. The contract says that we would not be responsible if the product is damaged during the usage or we will not take charge if the product is lost eventually.


The price quoted on the website is verified authoritatively. The price is quoted by the seller. We compare the prices quoted by all the sellers for the same product, analyze and calculate the transportation costs regarding it and arrive at a genuine price that is to be displayed on the website. The price of the product may vary anytime and the variation may be higher or lower subjective to the market demand.


We do not encourage return of goods as the warranty card is filled in the name of the buyer way before and delivered. Any damage of goods during the transit is accepted back and replaced when the situation arises. If the customer wants  to exchange with the old battery, the price for that will be credited only after we receiving it.


Unless otherwise provided, our website will not be responsible for any delays or excessive transportation costs that arise from the customer’s selection of the product.


We do not accept Cash on Delivery. Once a product is selected we give options for pre-payments and the payment gateways we use are completely secure. If the buyer fails to make payment, shipping may not be initiated. If the customer cancels the order, refund will made deducting 10% of the purchase price for the shipping initiation charges.