EXIDE MAGIC 1050 VA + IM ST 1500


                     BRAND: EXIDE                                  BRAND: EXIDE
      TYPE/ MODEL : MAGIC 1050 VA                       TYPE/ MODEL: IMST 1500/ 150AH
               WARRANTY: 24 MONTHS                     ( ON SITE WARRANTY)

TOLL FREE NO          1800-103-5454

                             WARRANTY: 60 MONTHS WARRANTY (36 MONTHS REPLACEMENT ,




Magic’s Smart Systems are comparable to premium models. The ASIC technology automatically senses the battery condition to adjust the charging current accordingly. It also controls output voltage to prevent Overload, Short Circuit, AC Back Feed, Low Battery, Battery Overcharge, Mains Overload, Overheating, etc. Soft Touch ON/OFF, Mode Selection & Charging Selection Switch are some added features that add real value at a surprisingly affordable price.

Technical Specifications of Exide Inverterz

Description MAGIC12V 1050VA

Output Voltage at No Load 235V ± 15V AC
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 1Hz
Output Wave Form Square Wave
Nominal Battery Voltage 12 V DC
Battery Low Cut Off 10.5V ± 0.2V DC


Charging Mode

Maximum Charging Current (NC) 17Amp ± 1.5Amp
Maximum Charging Current (HC) 12.5Amp ± 1.5Am
Boost Charging Voltage 14.4V ± 0.2V DC
Trickle Charging Voltage 13.7V ± 0.2V DC
Charging Current at 120V Mains Input 8-10 Amp Charging Current*
Changeover Time Mains to Back-up (@ UPS Mode) ≤ 10 msec
Changeover Time Back-up to Mains (@ UPS Mode) ≤ 10 msec
Changeover Time Mains to Back-up (@ Normal Mode) ≤ 40 msec
Changeover Time Back-up to Mains (@ Normal Mode) ≤ 10 msec
Input Voltage Range (@ Normal Mode) 100V – 290
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based design for more reliability with SMT technology*
  • ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) technology for battery charging, automatically senses battery conditions & adjusts the charging current accordingly
  • Extremely Low Harmonics
  • Programmed inbuilt ventilation fan which operates as needed
  • Extremely Low Harmonics
  • Tri Colour of LCD display for better user interface*
  • Auto smart protection built-up in PCB, such as Short Circuit, Overload, Battery Over-Charge, Battery Low, Heat-up, AC Fuse Trip, Phase Reverse, etc.
  • Change Over Time Mains to UPS and vice versa < 10msec
  • Noiseless Operation


 IMST1500  Short Tubular Battery is a Lead Acid Batteries designed for Home UPS and Inverter applications ensure availability of un-interrupted and regulated power during mains failure or dip in input voltage. Ability to withstand frequent deep discharge,Reliability over months,Low maintenance,Minimum emission of gases/fumes. It use the high pressure ‘HADI’ casting process at 100 bar, while most other manufacturers use gravity at low pressure casting processes.

Beat power cuts with Exide Inverter batteries. Exide manufactures state-of-the-art, low maintenance, environment friendly inverter batteries at its technically advanced manufacturing units. Every Exide inverter battery has the ability to withstand frequent discharge, emits low gas and comes with a host of features including and at a price that will fit your pocket.


HOME UPS AND INVERTER batteries  provide back -up power during mains failure or when there is drop in voltage. EXIDE LEAD ACID   storage batteries are reliably designed for extended use in tough condition .


Robustly constructed tubular batteries have rugged lead plates cast under high(100 bar)pressure by international hadi machine to ensure that every battery performs flawlessly in frequent and long power cuts.


The partition inter-cell connections which markedly improve voltage profile on discharge .


Steady discharge for hours and more month of service.

tubular technology  seals active material in polyester gauntlets ,or tubes, to prevent it from shedding, to withstand anodic corrosion, the spines of the positive plate are cast from a precise combination of low-antimony lead alloy , with selenium, copper, tin and arsenic to ensure long years of study performance.

  • Standard Range
  • Tubular Plate Design
  • Suitable for Deep Discharge
  • 1000 Cycles @ 80% DOD




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